BiyCloud integrates IBM SPSS Modeler Professional in its platform


BiyCloud integrates IBM SPSS Modeler Professional in its platform

BiyCloud, as an IBM international partner, will be able to design, develop and integrate the SPSS Modeler Professional service in both SaaS mode (pay per use) and private cloud, depending on the analysis of the skills of every customer who needs a Cloud platform that integrates the best technologies in the market. This way, IBM’s predictive analytics software has been created to add value through the configuration of the data, their quality and their design, thought to strenghten the decisions taken by the managers of every company or institution, both publc or private.

One of the great values of this solution is the ability to configurate the data without being an expert in analysis or programming for obtaining results in short, medium or long term, highlighting the simplicity of the tool and its adaptation, as well as the way of transmitting the results to the rest of the team members. The Professional versión includes the creation of different indicators that allow data manipulation, their automation, the development of techniques for preparing the consulting models and the use of advanced algorithms to achieve certains strategic conclusions for companies.

Key agreement:

  • BiyCloud has reached an agreement with the American company IBM for the incorporation and integration of the predictive analysis system SPSS Modeler Professional into BiyCloud Platform, which allows improved decision making in the companies, increased benefits and knowing how to respond to customers needs.
  • Juan Jesús Hortal, CEO at BiyCloud, has emphazised that “this agreement is a further step in the partnership that both companies have maintained since 2014, when the implementation of Softlayer as the provider of BiyCloud’s Cloud infrastructure was signed”.
  • SPSS Modeler Professional incorporates as main features advanced algorithms, automated modeling, manipulation of data in different formats and a variety of functions that enable preparation techniques to get to diffuse decision-making among company managers in a simply, comfortable and in real time way, without neglecting the use of collaborative intelligence in the organizational structure.
  • Predictive analysis is the next step and one of the most important factors in the consolidation of BI in companies and both public or private institutions.

In addition, in a guided way, users and business professionals will be able to apply econometric and statistical models to their data in order to predict with certainty what is about to happen, improving the financial scenario in short term, adapting to each case and finding solutions in a short period of time that enable significant savings, a greater dynamism and the optimization of most of the decisión making. IBM SPSS Modeler Professional has managed to synthesize the customer study, strengthen the relationship with the company and give the chance to choose a predictive model which can be used according to the wishes and needs of the customer in real time.

Juan Jesús Hortal, CEO at BiyCloud, has emphazised that “the integration of SPSS means a major step foward in the incorporation of a tool that, integrated with QlikSense, allowes us to offer the application of predictive models to the daily decision making operations of the business users. On the other hand, with Scribe, another technology incorporated into BiyCloud Platform, we can integrate data from both On Premise/Cloud models to apply prediction models, regardless where the data are.

“After all, it’s all about consolidating a system that, through the coexistence of different technologies, gets to know the place of the data, their quality and a relation that could predict and warn companies of the different scenarios that can be produced”, said Hortal.

For further information:

BiyCloud is a Company leader in providing consulting services and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, as well as in integrating in a single platform some of the best technologies, in order to improve the decision making process through the analysis of the data of all the departments of the company, and optimize processes and functions of the business users in the cloud.

Strategic partnerships with Qlik, IBM, Scribe Soft, Rosslyn Analytics and Softlayer have consolidated BiyCloud in the international market, reaching more than 250 customers worldwide, without neglecting the more than 80 consultants who work in consulting, integration and project development in Europe and Latin America.

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